Hey! Welcome to My space. I'm so glad youre here!

If I were to describe myself in less than 5 seconds, it would be:

Destination wedding and elopement photographer. Adventurer. Lover of love.


I'm passionate about: documenting timeless love stories, chasing light, and wandering to wild places.

I'm a LOVER of: vanilla candles, travel, simplicity, and laughter

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If you are inquiring about an elopement or a wedding, what is your date?
If you are inquiring about an elopement or a wedding, what is your date?


I make it a personal mission of mine to constantly be on the move, and exploring new and exciting places! Check out the map above to see where I'm adventuring around currently. 

I highly encourage travel with my clients at every chance, even roadtrip engagement sessions!

Let's go somewhere adventurous together! Let's tell your love story together.

 Hi there! My name is Michelle!

this is my husbanD logan & i during the happiest weekend of our lives!

I have a passion for seeking the beauty in every moment. I find joy in summiting mountain peaks, tight hugs, running to catch a flight, freshly painted toes, and deep conversations over steaming chai. I would take summer over winter, any day. I adore giant sweaters and I occasionally hate wearing shoes. I was born with a gypsy soul, and plan to never stop hitching rides to new and exciting places. I am an extrovert. I often make spontaneous decisions, but am never willing to compromise my future. I'm in love with Jesus. Also, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and most likely will tear up during your first kiss, father-daughter dance, and maybe even while you’re getting ready, just FYI. 

My best friend/babe/adventure buddy and I recently exchanged our own vows! I’ve found that after being a fiancé, a bride, and now a wife (eek!) I’ve gotten such a personal feel for how being on the other side of the camera feels. And not just that, but for how being engaged feels, how the planning and wedding day feels, and how being newly married feels. Being able to transfer that personal experience to supporting my couples through this uber-exciting time has been such a huge blessing, and has made that communication pathway between photographer and client so much more open. I’ve found myself several times up late texting my brides, or FaceTiming for hours talking about details for the big day!

I strive to create an experience for my couples. I’m not about canned poses and stiff smiles, but instead, I search for the story in the moments... Those special words he whispers that make you blush. That face she makes when she’s trying to hold back a giggle. That forehead kiss that just makes your heart flutter and melt all at the same time. 

I can’t wait to hear your story. Tell me all about yourself/your special person on the Let’s Connect page and get ready to create something beautiful together!